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Fortress funds many different kinds of cases, but our expertise is in personal injury.

The following are the most common types of cases we fund:

We not only provide our clients outstanding customer service, deliver funds faster in larger amounts with the lowest rate in the industry

Our mission is to become the most trusted source in the pre settlement funding industry for plaintiffs to secure fundings. You might not already know but there are risks for funding companies becuase there are no guarantees that every case we fund will win. And additionally because of the structure of a lawsuit pre-settlement funding not repaying the cash adavnce until your case settlement is paid, the interest keeps accruing. This makes this legal funding expensive compared to other types of financing. A lot of Fortress Legal Funding’s competitors squeeze out additional profits from thier customers by charging high rates and fees. But Fortress is transparent in the fact that your case is your collateral, the rates we charge are not blantantly assigned across the board, but rather are based soley on the merits of you case. That is how Fortress maintains it competitive edge and offfers the best deal guaranty


Fortress Legal Funding (FLF) is a legal funding company located in the heart of New York City’s financial district. We provide those plaintiffs who have been injured because of another person actions with funds based on the legal settlement they will receive.

We providing financing at no risk to you and it’s free to apply. The funds provided are called non-recourse, which means we are re-payed only if you successfully win your lawsuit. If you lose your case, you keep the money we gave you and owe us nothing. The legal funding provided is an investment in your potential settlement award rather than a loan.


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