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Great bunch of people at Fortress. Courteous and professional. I highly recommend Fortress if you need pre-settlement legal funding.

Mark F.
Dallas, TX | MVA

Chris worked really hard for me and my family. Called me daily with updates, highly diligent! Finally caught up with all my bills. Thank you so much!

Eduardo M.
Philadelphia, PA | Construction Accident
Pre Settlement Funding for Plaintiffs

Fortress Legal Funding is a premier nationwide legal funding provider to persons injured at no fulat of theirs. There are many benefits from pre settlement funding (aka lawsuit loans) you can obtain cash before your case settles, helping you pay for bills, income replacement, anything you would like. It's your money. Lawsuit loans from Fortress are 100% risk-free because there’s no repayment if you lose and it costs nothing to apply. If by any chance you you lose your case, you keep the money we sent you and owe nothing. You only repay if, and when, your case gets settled or is won in court.

While it may be referred to as ‘lawsuit loans‘ or ‘settlement loans‘, pre settlement funding through Fortress are not loans. They're really non-recourse cash advances because in relaity we're invetsing in your case and if there's no settlement then you owe nothing, completely risk freee. Some of the cases we fund are motor vehicle accident loans and other personal injury loans, but we consider all case types on an individual basis. Whatever case type you might have, pre settlement lawsuit loans from Fortress Legal Funding can help you stay off low ball offers form the defendants insurnace company allowing your lawyer the time to get you the award you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Directly, we send the funds to you the fastest way you would like, : Wire transfer to your bank account, , over night checks (UPS and FEDEX, and even same day by Western Union.

Fortress’s rates are as low as 1%. Our mission is to have the lowest rates in the industry. If you have an offer from another company, we’ll beat anyone’s rate, guaranteed (please call for more details). The rate you will be charged is based on the merits of your case and how you you will be funded. And remember, no monthly or upfront fees, and you owe us nothing if you lose.

No, pre settlement funding in reality us investing in a portion of your potential settlement.  It’s not a loan because if you lose the case you legally owe us nothing. We use the term ‘lawsuit loan’ to help people better understand this new form of financial relief.

Fortress provides lawsuit cash advances from $500 to $2,500,000 depending on your case value. The better your case is worth, the more funding we can give you.

Completely and legally. You and your attorney go over the agreement together. We want to you to understand what this funding agreement is all about. You should ask your lawyer questions if you do not fully understand any section. Fortress Legal Funding, LLC prides itself that we’re fully transparent to your clients throughout the entire process.

Fortress focuses on personal injury cases like premise, construction and car accidents. But we also fund a wide range of and types of cases, from medical malpractice to labor and employment law, as well as commercial litigation. Still have questions, well we’re here to help. Call us at (800) 430-7515 and we will help you with all your options.

Fortress Legal Funding provides funding to residents to the entire United States. All 50 States.

Cases we fund
Auto Accidents

Premises Liability

Defective Drugs

Medical Devices

Wrongful Death

Medical Malpractice

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Lawsuit loans: financial aid for those adversely affected

At Fortress, we know the challenges and struggles of those misfotunate hurt in an accident. And conbined with that the legal can work slowly, talking months or even years to resoilve, we arre here for you. We offer you the financial freedom so you can resume a normal lifestyle for you and your family. That’s why we provide funding to plaintiffs involved in legal actions. If you are presently involved in case, we strongly feel that we want to make the process of getting a pre-settlement loan quick, easy and effortless.Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service and offer you funds you need at ther lowest cost in the industry

We're all in this together

Our legal team works with your attorneyto evaluate your case so we can provide you with funding. Once we have the necessary information regarding your case, our underwriters and lawsuit loans professionals work hard for your funding approval. Once we present you with the offer in our agreement and you accept the moeny will be sent to you within 48 hours. That is a Fortress guaranty!

Pre-settlement loans: leveling the playing field against Deep pocket insurance companies

Pre settlement loans from Fortress level the playing field from deep pocketed insurance companies. We allow you to decline low ball settlement offers and keep you in the game to get the settlement award you deserve. Allowing the financial freedom helping you pay the bills allwiong your attroney to focus on the matters of law to settle or wins a judgement on your case. The legal process is slow and we understand that the waiting for a case to settle is not something that everyone can indure, especially when you've been out of work because of injuries and the bills keep coming. At Fortress we know this amount of physical, mental, and financial stress is unfair. So we work hard for you to help you and your family be whole again

Pre-Qualifying for legal settlement cash advance is uncomplicated

Finding out if you pre-qualify for legal funding against your pending lawsuit is uncomplicated. If you’ve been injured at no fualt of your own and hired a lawyer, congratulations, you qualify.

Contrary to traditional loans, such as a house mortgage or car loan whihc reuire employment and credit checks. A lawsuit loan is solely based on the merit of your case. The facts of your legal action is all that matters. Fortress Legal Funding accepts those adversely affected plaintiffs with damages from soft tissue (neck or back injuries), to those needed extensive medical treatment and surgery. And if you require surgery, we can help fund that too.If you would like to know more about Fortress's simple process, find out more and click here

Get the settlement award you deserve. Don’t accept low ball offers. Get yourself time for your attorney to fight for a bigger settlement!

Insurance companies take advantage of your vulnerable state by elongating the litigation process even further. As a result, many cash-strapped plaintiffs are gamed into accepting low-ball settlements in exchange for a quick and early close. Don’t be a victim of the insurance industry’s coercive tactics. Get a pre-settlement loan and gain the financial confidence to last the entirety of your lawsuit, and win the maximum compensation you deserve.

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